Can CBD and Delta-8 be Combined?

With the increase in popularity of CBD and Delta-8 products, a common question is can both products be used together? The short answer is yes, but it is important to note that each product has different effects, and it is important to know the desired effect and what purpose it will serve. The combination of CBD and Delta-8 can offer greater benefits that either product on its own, but it is important to choose quality products, time the doses appropriately, know the strength that is needed, and if there are interactions with other medications that are being used.


Choose Quality Products

Where the products are coming from is important. There are fewer issues if both the CBD and Delta-8 are obtained from the same reputable seller to ensure a quality product. It is also important to choose products with as few additives as possible to better see the effect of the product or combination of products that are in use. Finally, familiarize yourself with the effects of each product individually before attempting to combine product effects.


Timing is Everything

Release times are different for edibles, tinctures, and vapes, and each category has the possibility of offering sustained release or immediate release products. Knowing the difference helps to ensure the desired dosing effect is achieved. As a general guide, edibles have a slower release time that needs a minimum of 30 minutes to start feeling effects. Tinctures and vape are more commonly immediate release. Knowing the types of products being used and the timing that each requires allows the combination of multiple types while maintaining the necessary level of daily functioning.


Strength Matters

CBD and Delta-8 products are also available as isolate, full spectrum, and broad-spectrum products. Isolates are reduced to only CBD and no THC. Broad-spectrum is less processed than isolates and still leaves a small amount of THC, and full spectrum is the least processed, also containing a small amount of THC. Each of those types has different potencies that are represented on packages in milligrams. The higher the milligram per volume, the stronger the dosage will be. The type and strength will also affect the timing of doses.


Interactions with Other Products

CBD and Delta-8 tend to be add-on treatments to further manage symptoms that are already partially managed by caffeine, alcohol, or other medications. They all process differently in the body and this is important to know as dosages and timing are adjusted to best alleviate symptoms.


The combination of CBD and Delta-8 can produce intermingling effects that can produce increased benefits over using either product alone. Before combining products, make sure they are quality products, that doses are timed appropriately, the strength that is necessary, and if there are other interactions with other medications or treatments.


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