Live Rosin Revolution: Artrix DEMO Makes Solventless Cannabis More Accessible and Healthier

Live rosin continues to gain popularity among cannabis consumers who prioritize health and safety because it offers a solventless concentrate option. This production method applies heat and pressure to bubble hash derived from fresh or frozen cannabis, ensuring a product free from the residual solvents that plague other concentrates. The result is a pure, potent extract that retains the full terpene profile and flavor of the original plant.

Consuming live rosin through vaping offers additional health benefits by avoiding combustion and the associated harmful byproducts. However, not all vaporizers can handle the thick consistency of live rosin effectively. The Artrix DEMO is designed specifically for such concentrates, providing a safe and efficient vaping experience that maintains the integrity and purity of live rosin. With its advanced heating technology, the DEMO ensures that users enjoy the full health benefits of live rosin without exposure to harmful chemicals.

While live rosin provides a superior cannabis experience, its high cost can be a barrier for many users. The process of producing live rosin is labor-intensive and requires specialized equipment, which is reflected in its price. Additionally, traditional dab rigs and high-quality vaporizers that can handle live rosin are often expensive, adding to the overall cost.

The introduction of the Artrix DEMO offers a solution by providing a cost-effective, disposable option for consuming live rosin. With its small 0.1ml capacity offering about seven puffs, the DEMO allows consumers to enjoy a premium live rosin experience without the commitment to expensive, larger-volume products. This approach has proven successful in making high-quality live rojin accessible to a broader audience, as demonstrated by the North Coast case where smaller, more affordable options expanded their market reach.



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