Mohamed Abdul Muteen Expresses Amazement in Winning AED 100,000 on the Raffle Draw

Episode 4 Raffle Draw winner Mohamed Abdul Muteen could not believe that he would be able to win even a single Dirham, and he ended up bringing AED 100,000 home! In this uplifting interview, Mohamed shared his unique discovery of O! Millionaire.

“I came to know about this O! Millionaire while I was filling my car with petrol. There was one advertisement flashing, so I just went to Google,” he stated.

Usually, our winners discover the Green Initiative on social media platforms. That makes Mohamed the first to ever go from getting curious about an ad to an actual winner. It was as though he was destined to be in that gasoline station at that exact moment.


That explains his overwhelming joy to the point of struggling with who to tell first. Mohamed opened up about being in a “dilemma” after participating and being selected.

“I called my parents and my wife, and I informed my brother, who was very, very happy. I also informed my friends and colleagues who are my roommates,” Mohamed gleefully narrated. “They have purchased these Green Certificates and contributed to this initiative.”

As Mohamed remarked toward the end, he highly recommended everyone to join and recognized that the O! Millionaire Green Initiative was remarkable. It appears that he simply joined as a contribution to our efforts. That just proves that you can play, plant, and win as long as you have a passion for nature.


“I did not even think about winning the amount, winning the raffle draw.”

Still, he was thankful because the amount was helpful to him. At O! Millionaire, we love the Earth and its people, so we all thrive together. Anyone can win with just the heart to save the planet!

You have more ways to become impactful. Start living sustainably by inviting your family and friends to join through eGift cards and purchase eco-friendly daily items at! Or you can visit www.omillionaire.comfor your Green Certificates.




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