Mohammed Asif’s Life Changed Completely After Winning AED 100,000 in the Raffle Draw

In a heartfelt interview with one of O! Millionaire’s hosts, Rachel George, our third raffle draw winner, Mohammed Asif, shared how important it was for him to win.

With the pandemic destroying economies, unemployment rates increased significantly. Unfortunately, Mohammed was among the people who lost his job during the COVID-19 period.

“Last month, I lost my job. I only had [a few] Omani riyals in my pocket, so I decided to participate in                O! Millionaire,” he shared.


Rachel expressed her sadness over the matter, but at the same time, she noted that she was very happy for Mohammed. “It’s also really good that this has been such a blessing for you.”

It was unexpected, even for Mohammed, that his little money would lead to something that would change his life. Apparently, he only found out about O! Millionaire as he scrolled through Facebook looking for sources of income, considering that he had no job.

“I was sitting in my room. I was thinking, ‘I don’t have a job right now. What can I do?’” He told Rachel.

For his winning Green Certificate, Mohammed joined on the same day he found out he lost the second-ever raffle draw on May 26, 2022. He immediately bought one more and did not want to give up after not matching any number or letter. Thankfully, Mohammed’s lucky day was about to come.

The first person that Mohammed talked about the good news was his friend, who lived with him in the same room as he watched the raffle draw. He joyously jumped from the bottom of the bunk bed to share the positivity.

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