Multi-strike poker on Major Site

This variation is similar to Bona메이저사이트 Sporker, but if four aces are dealt, there is a special high dividend. Double Double Bonus Sporker Plus, This game will also receive a bonus for 4 cards, but a bonus will be added according to the kicker (Plus in the game name).


Double Down Stud Poker

This game is a rare game that is offered as a table game. Before receiving the last card, you can decide whether to double your bet.


Double-payer poker

It’s a gimmick that you can bet on the first메이저사이트 deal and the subsequent hand. This game has several different base game versions, such as Due Wild and Bona Spork.


Double-pay spin poker

As with other “double pay” games, it is paid both in the first deal and after the cards are discarded and exchanged. It’s also a “spin poker” game with three rows of five cards, and all hands hold the cards you keep.


Double Super Times Pay Poker

It’s a variation of regular video poker, but there is a chance to win a random magnification by betting two additional coins.


Dream card poker

In this game, you bet 10 coins on each hand instead of 5. Instead, a “Dream Card” may be dealt with with the other four cards. In this game, you will be advised what kind of dream card to choose.


Extra action poker

I’ll place an extra bet. If you get an ace, you’ll get an extra hand in addition to the first.


Extra draw range poker

If you receive 3 cards, you can play 3-7 bonus hands.


Five Ace Poker

It is the same as the Bona Sporker (or a variation), but the deck contains another star ace. A hand with five aces has more dividends than a royal flush.


Good Time Pay Poker

You can bet additional coins in a regular video poker game and win random multipliers.


Hot roll poker

The bet amount will be doubled. Instead, one of the six hands is given a multiplier. The appearance of the dice determines the magnification.


Hyper Bona Spork

The bet amount will be doubled. The payout is only half of the wager’s value, and the hand that pays is then given a multiplier.


Joker Poker

In this game, only one Joker is a wild card. There are 53 cards on the deck, including standard cards and jokers.


This game is similar to an arcade game, and you will get higher levels as you advance. There are four levels in this game, and the payout increases depending on the level you reach.


Multi-Strike Super Times Pay Video Poker

This game includes multiple levels and random multipliers.

Bet two additional coins per hand. Instead, you can look at the first card dealt after the draw and decide which one to discard.


Pick Apert Poker

You can see the first two cards of the hand. Then choose from a pile of three cards to complete the hand. You can see the top cards of each of the three hands. This game is almost the same as “Jax or Better,” but it is the original video poker game. This game is also commonly referred to as “Pichem Poker.”



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