Use Your Zodiac Sign to Choose the Best E-Liquid Flavor

Everyone is studying their Myers-Briggs, enneagram, and Zodiac sign for insights into themselves. If you’re not sure which e-liquid flavor to start with or try next, let your Zodiac sign decide.


The zodiac begins with Aries at the start of spring. Aries tend to be high energy, peppy, and optimistic as the world wakes up and begins to grow again after winter. Bright, fruity flavors best fit this sign, so consider sweet citrus or berry flavored e-liquids.


Taurus are often considered down to earth homebodies but also appreciate the finer things in life. Consider an earthy flavor like vanilla or a sweet dessert flavor for more decadence.


Gemini is the sign of the twins. Many are considered multifaceted and have a hard time narrowing down their focus on any given day. Sweet and sour early summer berries like blueberry and raspberry represent this sign well. For a bigger kick, combine those berries with lemon.


The zodiac sign Cancer comes at the start of summer when warm weather reaches its peak, and many spend more time outside. Barbecues, bonfires, and beach time are at their peak, so Cancer should look for flavors that remind them of these times, like marshmallow.


Fiery Leos are born at the height of summer. Their big personalities require big flavor, so consider strawberry, pineapple, or coconut to accent the season.


Virgos seem to have a strong work ethic with a serious attention to detail, so it should be no surprise to consider coffee flavors for these get up and go Virgos.


No symbol is more accurate than the scales are for Libra. They are diplomatic and tactful, but sometimes indecisive. When you can’t decide on a single flavor, pick a blend that highlights your mood or needs. Apple combinations are particularly popular during this time.


Scorpios are born when autumn turns from warm to cool and deep, earthy flavors start to take over. Look for warm flavors like pumpkin or cinnamon or something with a cool mint bite.


Sagittarius are born during winter and often seek out their own path. Warm, comforting flavors will keep Sagittarius fired up. Try cinnamon or cocoa with cream.


Down to earth capricorns are practical, multifaceted, and just a little sharp. To break them out of their practical zone, combine familiar flavors in unusual ways. Think citrus, mint, and eucalyptus either together or paired with other flavors that your favorite Capricorn enjoys.


Aquarius is sometimes considered the hipster of the zodiac because they are always the first to know the new and unique things that the world has to offer. Aquarius should look for flavors that you can’t quite describe, like those combined with menthol.


Last are the dreamy Pisces. Frequently described as fun and sweet, you should look for e-liquids that would be described the same way. Consider vanilla custard, strawberry, or chocolate flavors to please a Pisces.

If you’re looking for an e-liquid flavor tailored to your Zodiac, Vapor Galleria has a wide range of flavors that will appeal to anyone. The knowledgeable staff will point you toward the flavor profile you desire and recommend a few of their own favorite flavors so that you leave with a satisfying product and experience. Visit the location nearest you today!


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