Using Dab Concentrate Containers

When it comes to storing concentrates, dab containers are some of the best items to use. Cannabis joints have been the most predominantly used method of consuming marijuana for a very long time. However, the widespread reforms that are currently happening are opening new ways of consuming marijuana.

Considering that many users are now opting for cannabis concentrates, the silicone wax container has become more popular. Changing to concentrates usually takes some getting used to. Since using dab concentrates requires a different setup like the dab puck and a new consumption routine, it can be quite messy for new users.

The waxy nature of dab makes them sticky and a bit challenging to store. This has been a huge concern for users who want to explore cannabis concentrates. Thankfully, silicone dab containers provide suitable storage for dabs.

What Are Dab Containers?

Dab containers are storage items that are specifically designed for wax. The best non-stick containers are made of silicone. Silicone is a polymer that has been modified to have repeating chains of alternating silicon and oxygen atoms, which creates a flexible and slick texture.

Because concentrate containers are so slick, they are perfect for storing plant oils, resins, and extracts. As dabbing is becoming increasingly popular in the cannabis community, companies are creating various designs of dab pucks to appeal to different users.

Since the silicone wax container comes in different shapes, sizes, and colors, cannabis consumers can now tailor their smoking experience by choosing a product that appeals to them.

Importance Of Having The Right Silicone Dab Containers

Choosing a dab silicone container that is appealing is great. Still, it’s also essential to factor in the functionality of the concentrate packaging. In essence, the dab puck should effectively prevent wax from sticking to the storage item.

For this reason, you should purchase your silicone dab jar and other dispensary packaging items from a reputable wholesale store. It’s a step that can help eliminate the chances of buying substandard dab containers. Our online wholesale store provides concentrate brands and smoke shops with top-quality silicone dab containers.

Since some concentrates are sticky, getting the exact proportion once you’ve stored it is somewhat hard. Nevertheless, using our non-stick silicone wax holder will ensure your customers get every bit of their dab. Additionally, our silicone wax container also promotes a mess-free experience.

How To Choose The Right Dab Puck

As a cannabis entrepreneur, you should always ensure that the silicone wax container you are purchasing will meet your clients’ needs. This will help you expand your customer base and increase the cash flow of your business.

Another vital consideration is the durability of the silicone wax container. All the dab containers available at our store are made of sturdy materials. Therefore, they are highly durable compared to the dab puck sold by other wholesalers.

What Types Of Silicone Dab Containers Are Available?

You can find various silicone wax pucks at our online store, including Silly Jars, NoGoo, and Polystyrene containers with silicone inserts, among other items. All these products have their unique advantages and selling points. Here’s an in-depth look at each of the wax container containers.

Silly Jars

This small silicone dab container is a fantastic product that offers 100% recovery. The product is specifically engineered for concentrates and offers optimum storage and protection. The pucks for wax also have simple twist-off caps, which are easy to use besides being convenient.

NoGoo Silicone Jars

The second type of dab container found on our online store is the NoGoo silicone jar. The silicone dab containers can hold approximately 10 ml of concentrate. Besides being sturdy, the storage items can also withstand high temperatures. Wax silicone containers are easy to clean and are very convenient for people who are constantly on the go.

Polystyrene Containers With Silicone Insert

You can also get polystyrene dab containers from our inventory which offer optimum safety protection of concentrates. The bottom of the container is opaque black, while the lid is a clear, see-through that enable users to view the contents of the container. To ensure that the design appeals to as many cannabis users as possible, the silicone inserts of wax pucks are available in four colors: red, green, blue, and purple.

Flat Dab Container

The flat containers are the smaller variant of silicone dab containers that are usually thin. Although they usually come in silicone, you can also find flat dab containers made from other materials. Their small size makes them suitable for traveling. When it comes to size and color, these wax pucks are easily customizable and are the perfect items for dab nomads.

Lego Containers

The lego dab puck is one of the most popular concentrate containers available in the market today. The main feature of these containers is the lego design and indentations that have made them appealing to many users.

Their rectangular shape allows them to store multiple types of dab. These features have made lego containers stylish and functional. In fact, they have now become a huge trend in the cannabis community. Hence, purchasing them in bulk will definitely boost sales in your smoke shop and increase the overall cash flow of your business.

Multi-slot Containers

These are among the large silicone dab containers in the market. These multi-slot dab containers allow dab lovers to store different flavor wax. They are also available in various designs that enable users to personalize their seshes.

Does My Business Need Silicone Dab Containers?

Your business needs to invest in silicone containers for wax due to a number of reasons. Considering that cannabis packaging is becoming increasingly important in the industry, stocking silicone wax containers in your business is essential.

As the cannabis sector continues to evolve, business owners need to be shrewd in order to outsmart their competitors. Purchasing silicone dab containers bulk is a surefire way of pivoting your company for profitability. Here’s why you should buy our dab puck.

Appropriate Storage

As consumers are exploring more ways of using marijuana, many are turning to cannabis wax and concentrates. Wax and concentrates can be stored in different items, including glass jars. However, they don’t provide some of the benefits found in silicone dab container.

After sitting in the glass jar for a while, scraping the last bit of the dab can be challenging. Most often than not, dab enthusiasts end up getting a lesser amount of their product due to wastage. Besides being frustrating, the remaining dab usually amounts to significant waste.

Purchasing our wax pucks in bulk will enable your customers to get every bit of their wax. Ultimately, the silicone jars wholesale can help you capture customers who prefer to use dab but lack the appropriate equipment.

Multiple Designs

Besides being functional, another huge advantage of purchasing our wax pucks is they come in various designs and color combinations. This means that your customers will have plenty of options for storing their favorite concentrates.

Additionally, our wax pucks have been meticulously designed to offer optimum protection for your products. They are effective at protecting cannabis concentrates against heat. Thus, consumers can rest easy knowing that their dab won’t melt prematurely.

Where To Buy Silicone Dab Containers Wholesale

The best place to purchase silicone wax bulk is right here at 420 Packaging. Our wholesale store provides cannabis businesses with numerous perks when buying dispensary wax containers and other marijuana packaging supplies.

Benefits Of Buying Our Silicone Jars Wholesale

Our dispensary wax containers are priced very reasonably to accommodate every business in the cannabis sector. Hence, purchasing them will allow you to possibly enjoy a good profit margin.

Moreover, since the silicone puck you acquire from us is cheaper, you can easily transfer the lower cost to your customers. This can help you to build a loyal customer base.

Amazing Selection Of Goods

Another valid reason for buying our silicone wax container bulk is the great selection of products. Since we have a plethora of cannabis supplies, buying items for your smoke shop has become very convenient. Not only can you find silicone pucks bulk, but you also other dispensary supplies, including glass dab containers and shatter envelopes.

Compete With Established Companies

As the marijuana industry expands, more companies are being established. This has made the sector to be highly competitive, with businesses that have an edge being the only ones that reap the benefits.

Our silicone concentrate containers are high-quality products. Thus, companies that purchase the silicone containers bulk will be able to compete with established cannabis firms adequately.

Final Thoughts on Silicone Dab Containers

The widespread reforms that are currently happening in the marijuana industry have given the sector a significant boost. For many years, joints have been the predominant method for consuming cannabis. Nevertheless, consumer behavior seems to be slowly shifting in this sector.

The silicone puck has become indispensable to cannabis extractors, concentrate brands, and smoke shops. Besides being great storage items, they are also appealing and allow users to choose their specific design that matches their style. If you’re looking to purchase silicone containers for wax and other dispensary suppliers, be sure to visit our wholesale store.


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