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Since you know how 토토사이트much each hand will pay and you can calculate the probability that each hand will get, you can calculate the payback percentage for the entire video poker game. The slot machine cannot do this because it lacks important information about the probability of each symbol appearing.


Jacks or Better has features not found in other slot machines. When you turn the slot machine’s reels, you will be paid dividends according to the combination displayed on the reels. However, when Video Poker hand cards are dealt, you can decide whether to leave or discard each card. If you throw away your hand, you will receive a new card.


Then, when a new card is dealt with, the payment is made based on the highest-value poker hand.


Most people know what the standard rank of a poker hand is. Royal Flashes are said to be the best hand; the second hand is straight flashes, the third hand is four types, the fourth hand is a full house, the fifth hand is flush, the sixth hand is straight, the seventh hand is three types, the eighth hand is two pairs, and the ninth hand is one pair.


However, they don’t try to win over someone else’s hand; they try to get a payoff according to the strength of their hand.


Below is an example of a standard payout토토사이트 table for a full-payback or better game. Note that the payoff increases when you win 5 coins in Royal Flash. This hand only appears once in every 40,000 hands, but this is important because it is a large part of the payback rate for this game. If you play with less than 5 coins per hand, you’re giving money to the casino.


Of course, there are other payables in Jax or Better. However, in most “Jax or Better” games, only two hand payouts are adjusted. Since these hand payouts are 9-to-1 and 6-to-1, video poker players call this a “9/6 jack or better” game. The payback rate for this game is 99.54% when played with optimal strategy. This means that the house edge is only 0.46%, making it the highest odds in the casino.

Casino wants

If the casino wants fewer great games, they can offer 8/5 or 7/5 games. In these games, Full House payoffs are 8-to-1 or 7-to-1, not 9-to-1, and Flash payoffs are 5-to-1, not 6-to-1.


This has a big impact on the expected results.

The 8/5 Jack-or-Better game has a 97.3% overall payback rate, while the 7/5 has a 96.1% payback rate.


Compared to other slot machine games, it still sounds like good numbers. However, there is a big difference between them, especially when you see how many losses you can expect per hour during play.


The average video poker player will bet 600 hands per hour. It might sound like a human-away pace if you’ve never played, but if you’re a veteran, you’ll see that’s not an exaggeration.


If you’re playing a quarter machine, you want to get a big payout with Royal Flash, so bet $1.25 per hand. That means we’re taking action at $750 per hour.


The house edge of the full payback or better is 0.46%, so the average loss per hour is expected to be that much. In this case.



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