Phoenix – (Nov 2, 2020) – Janice Johnson, Founder, and CEO of Axis ™ Hemp Incap have launched the nation’s leading CBD beverage brand. The groundbreaking patent grew out of need, as the CEO sought a variety of CBD treatments to administer to mothers battling stage 4 cancer. After the tedious effort of mixing products to help mothers treat, Ja- nice has licensed its own Vessel ™ technology.

It currently leads the market with its innovations for its incorporation into beverages.

With its own patent, Vessel ™ recently announced a partnership with Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter and corporate brand ambassador and advisor Miguel. The patented bottle closure instantly pressurizes and mixes beverages and alkaline water just before use. With this technology, premium 6 oz hemp beverages retain and protect 25 mg of hemp extract and flavor, providing the best ready-to-drink natural hemp cocktails. It contains no sugar or calories, it is rich in electrolytes, vitamins B and C, and zinc, and it hydrates and strengthens the immune system.

Axis ™ is currently developing a product line of four flax drinks: Triple Berry Daikiri, Strawberry Daikiri, Lemon Drop Daikiri, and Mighty Mango Daikiri.

Supporting medical research continues to show many benefits of CBD (cannabinoid), which reduces neuropathy pain, inflammation, anxiety, and more. Additionally, athletes use CBD waves after training to relieve muscle pain. Johnson wants consumers to know that “each bite is a tribute to those who survived, fought, or lost someone.” What to do.

Working on diversity with a holistic model, Axis is owned and operated by minorities, as well as including LGBTQ +. According to a recent study, black women-owned businesses have shown the highest growth rates of any group in the past five years. Due to the high unemployment rate and large gender and race pay gaps, women of color are considered “necessary entrepreneurs” because they start their businesses out of a need for survival and innovation. Axis ™ is committed to becoming a leading company, striving to ease the burden of gunmen, post-exercise recovery, and health enthusiasts who understand the health benefits of using CBD. Hurrah! Johnson is changing the game to remind these black businesswomen.

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Ja-nice Johnson is the founder of a new linen products company, Flourish Holdings, LLC. This is Axis ™ Hemp’s parent company at ACap. Johnson is a leading and innovative business entrepreneur with a positive impact on research, development, and medicine. Johnson is a member of the Association of Women Engineers, a medical marijuana minority, a grown woman, and has the ability to develop new ideas, products, and services that solve real problems globally and has many medical professionals. Empowering the house. As a dedicated entrepreneur, she does not believe in the impossible, but in “the solution that I have to find to achieve the final solution.” Johnson’s business endeavors include Luxury mobile event planning business for smart vending machines, smart mobile stores, enterprise technology center retail chains, and elites. In addition to innovative efforts, Johnson launches the 501 © 3 Nonprofit MMT Foundation, which aims to provide resources and donations to people fighting cancer to helping those with local diseases. It was prioritized.

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