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CBDPure is one of those small companies that give well-known, larger companies nightmares. Focused on creating the best quality CBD products for its customers, the company is more concerned with providing the cleanest ingredients instead of investing money in marketing tactics and brand building.

In an industry known for its lack of regulation, CBDPure sets its own standards for what organic CBD production should be and clearly explains it on its official website.

Starting with the cleanest Colorado industrial hemp, they use a CO2 extraction process to create high quality, powerful and effective CBD hemp oil.

The assurance that pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides are free of chemicals and the use of the best extraction methods are supported by third-party lab test results posted on the site. Their products are 100% organic with no artificial colors or ingredients added. Curiously, many CBD brands have decided not to test their products in the lab. I’m relieved to know that CBD Pure is 100% transparent and I really care about CBD oil products.

In the case of CBDPure, that is the idea that “our products speak for themselves” and is not a mistake. We maintain the highest quality, purity, and commitment to our customers by offering a small number of products.

CBD: A Quick Overview

CBD is usually extracted as oil from cannabis plants. Depending on the quality of the hemp grown and the type of extraction process used, the quality, strength, effectiveness, and safety of the oil produced will vary greatly. It contains very little THC and is legal throughout the United States. We recommend reading “What is CBD?”. See the guide for more information.

It’s important to buy CBD oil from companies that use organic hemp from places known for their clean soil, and no pesticides or fertilizers that are harmful to hemp growth are used. The best extraction method is the CO2 method. It is free of all chemical solvents and guarantees high potency and quality.

The best companies are transparent and include lab test results for CBD oil content. It should be free of chemicals, THC (less than 0.3%), and heavy metals.

CBD oil isn’t a magical cure, but it’s a tested supplement that can provide arthritis, insomnia, chronic inflammation, cancer-related symptoms, asthma, stress, and even therapeutic properties that help treat it.

CBDPure’s CBD Products

CBDPure offers three different strengths of CBD oil and soft gel CBD capsules. All bottles are only 60ml and have a natural hemp flavor. To use their CBD oil: Use a dropper to place the oil under your tongue and hold it there for about 60 seconds before swallowing.

CBDPure’s CBD Tinctures & Capsules:

100mg Pure Hemp Oil: $29.99

Created for lighter, more modest pain, this dosage is best used for mild headaches, inflammation, nausea, and chronic pain. It contains 3.3mg of CBD per daily serving.

300mg Pure Hemp Oil: $54.99 

Recommended for more health issues that need a bit more treatment, this dosage will be right for you if you are having issues sleeping, anxiety, intense pain, or severe migraines. Each daily dosage contains 10mg of CBD per daily serving.

600mg Pure Hemp Oil: $79.99

The most powerful of the CBD oils, this is what you’ll want for insomnia, anxiety, chronic pain, depression, and chronic inflammation. It contains 20mg of CBD oil per daily serving.

750mg Softgel Capsules: $99.99

For those who cannot deal with the natural hemp oil flavor, the capsules are your alternative. Each capsule contains an extremely potent 25mg of CBD and comes with 30 capsules in one bottle for 750mg of total CBD.

Why Choose CBDPure?

CBDPure prioritizes product quality and customer satisfaction. They offer third-party lab results in the full range of CBD oil products and use only the best ingredients and methods. They provide pure CBD oil (full spectrum) packed with all-natural cannabidiol, terpenes, and other cannabinoids.

Due to the rapid growth rate of the CBD industry, there are many new brands that sell CBD oil. But we haven’t yet found a company that is as simple, transparent, and welcoming as CBD Pure.

The Hypothesis Journal team was impressed. Not surprisingly, there are many positive CBD pure reviews online. There are other reasons to recommend CBD Pure.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

In fact, CBD Pure oils are full-spectrum, although they don’t sprinkle the word “full-spectrum” throughout the site like most other cases.

By using the supercritical CO2 process on raw hemp, the compounds contained in the final product can be selected and extracted more accurately. This method is faster than other extraction processes and has the added benefit of preserving more nutrients from the first cannabis plant.

Their CO2 process results in the most useful and highly desired phytochemicals from the hemp. What you end up with is a potent, high-quality, full-spectrum oil consisting of terpenes, cannabinoids and Omega 3 and Omega 6 acids that all work together for the much sought-after entourage effect.

They are giving you much more than just CBD, and all of those healthy cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are working together to bring you a greater benefit than CBD could on its own.

They have mastered the CO2 process used for extracting hemp oil.

Colour Testing

You can tell a lot about oil from its color. Extracting the oil from the hemp plant gives it a dark brownish color. The thicker the CBD oil, the less oil is filtered.

The oil may also contain a shade of green. If you see greenish oil, it means that the filtration process is not doing enough work to remove chlorophyll and other plant materials.

CBD Pure oil is golden. This is a common color for oils extracted by the CO2 method and is the industry standard for safe, high-quality oils. It also doesn’t include hints of shades of green, so it’s successfully removing extra plants.

CBD Effectiveness

This company is quiet in one or more respects. While using their site, you will not be attacked by claims of the magical healing properties of their oils. You will find customers who are contagiously excited, reassured, happy, and overcome hope with CBD Pure hemp oil.

CBD Pure does not boast. It’s a waste of time for satisfied customers across the country to be willing to do it for you. And you can find real, positive stories about this fast-acting, pain-relieving oil, as well as their website, “whole the net.”

Used for sudden pain such as migraine and long-term problems of stress, depression, and anxiety, customers have had amazing results with this particular hemp oil. CBD Pure Hemp Oil 600mg is the most popular and strongest CBD they offer, but if you feel you can’t afford it at the moment, you can easily double the dose.

Affordable Pricing

The quality of the oil is top-notch, not an isolate – this is a full-spectrum CBD oil (including terpenes and other cannabinoids!)

Looking at the quality of similar brands, the Hypothesis Journal team cannot emphasize how valuable this oil is.

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

The more the Hypothesis Journal team learns about CBD Pure, the more we are so grateful to them. The pretty cool thing we’ve noticed is that they don’t really emphasize the brand. Also, we found that they don’t have to. Their commitment to oil quality and their voluntary standards speaks for itself.

With a 90-day money-back guarantee, you don’t have to worry if you’ve lost money on your product. If for some reason you are not 100% satisfied with the CBD oil tincture you purchased, please return it. They will give you a refund. It’s as easy as that. As far as we know, no other CBD company offers this kind of satisfaction guarantee.



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