CBD Oil Can Provide a Benefit to Your Pet

Recently cannabidiol oil, better known as CBD oil, has become more commonly used to alleviate symptoms associated with certain conditions in humans. Since dogs and cats have an endocannabinoid system similar to humans and other mammals, many have wondered if they would benefit from CBD oil like humans. The few studies conducted show that CBD has made some improvement in dogs and cats to relieve stress, anxiety, mild to moderate pain, joint pain and inflammation, digestive issues, and nausea and vomiting. But with the wide variety of types, consistencies, and forms to CBD products, how do you determine what types are pet-friendly? While there are many factors to consider, extract type and potency should be the top two to consider for your pet.


For CBD oils, there are three primary extract types: isolate, broad spectrum, and full spectrum. The best extract type for pets is isolate which is all CBD and zero THC. THC can have negative side effects in pets and should be avoided unless under the direct care of a veterinarian. Attention should also be paid to the method of giving CBD products. Liquids or supplemented safe foods specifically designed for pets will be safest. Even with adjusted amounts, human products can be dangerous to animals due to certain ingredients, such as xylitol. Pet edibles should either be carefully made at home or from a company that specializes in pet food or nutrition.


Potency is the other major concern for animals. Dogs and cats tend to be much smaller than humans and have different metabolic functions which can make products not designed for pets either too strong or not strong enough to alleviate symptoms. Either can negatively affect the livelihood of your pet. Your veterinarian will know if CBD is right for your pet and what type and potency would provide optimal symptom relief.


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