The global cannabis packaging market to reach $1.6 billion in 2023

The global cannabis packaging industry is in a state of transition from an illegal to a legal market, and there will be a number of winners and losers. Large national brands and producers with economies of scale will win. Small producers and retailers will lose without laws protecting them from the competition.

Dura pack’s latest market report, ‘The Future of Cannabis Packaging to 2023’’ forecasts the global cannabis packaging market value will reach $1.6 billion in 2023. This growth creates supply challenges, as do changing government regulations.

Government regulations have favored decentralized cannabis production. The result is many small integrated producers. The market is characterized by many small customers doing much of the packaging and labeling by hand. Distributors of specialty/pharma packaging with local inventories are key suppliers, as are online sales from China.

Dura pack’ analysis for ‘The Future of Cannabis Packaging to 2023’ identifies the following key trends and drivers for the global cannabis packaging industry over the next five years:

  • Many countries have decriminalized cannabis and allowed its limited use for medical purposes. Cannabis and CBD will be proven medically as useful natural products.
  • Recreational cannabis is legal in three countries and 10 US states. Most developed countries will tax and regulate cannabis. Where onerous regulations and taxes remain, the underground market will thrive. Packaging regulations will change often and quickly. Pouches with the best available technology and child resistance will also gain market share.
  • At present single-use cannabis packaging and vape cartridges are treated as waste. Over the forecast period, glass packaging is used and more automation. Also, small, flexible-barrier film packaging systems are to be widely employed.
  • Currently, vaporizing concentrates are gaining popularity over smoking cannabis. New cannabis formulations will be developed for rapid delivery and lower cost. Packaging systems for vape cartridges will require more robust packages.
  • Germany has been importing medical cannabis from Canada; complaints force Canadians to use preservations and Germans to suspend imports. The future will involve intelligent and advanced packaging technologies that eliminate the need for preservatives.
  • Vaping concentrates from branded delivery technology with nationally recognized packaging will dominate the market.

Dura-pack’s latest report, ‘The Future of Cannabis Packaging to 2023’’ covers the market trends and drivers relevant to the cannabis product types, regulatory environment, packaging designs, and technical requirements. The study will profile key companies, brands, and strategies to show the wide variety of packages being used for cannabis products. A number of case studies of cannabis packaging will be presented; these will reveal how innovative designs are embraced and how sustainability is a key component of cannabis packages in the customer’s mind. CBD and products infused with it will not be reviewed in this report, as it is mainly unregulated and sold in OTC products everywhere.

Cannabis Packaging that Builds Your Brand

In today’s world, marijuana means big business. It’s the perfect time for producers of cannabis products to begin building their brands and marketing their goods to interested consumers. The most important part of getting your message across about the benefits of your product is understanding how to marijuana packaging.

Choosing the right cannabis packaging is a vital part of the business today. Both recreational and medicinal marijuana packaging truly serves as the voice of your brand, and it must be able to communicate both the safety of the product and the qualities that set it apart from others in an increasingly competitive market.

Our medical cannabis packaging is made with strong, FDA-approved laminated layers that keep freshness and aroma sealed inside while blocking out harmful outside contaminants like moisture, oxygen, and UV light. Whether you’re exploring how to package marijuana itself, or you’re seeking options for packaging cannabis edibles, selecting durable, flexible, dura pack and barrier bags will make sure the integrity of your brand and the quality of your product remain intact.

Gone are the days when cannabis was packaged and distributed in tiny, discreet plastic bags. Consumers and retailers alike are seeking out the next big brand in the marijuana industry, and choosing cannabis packaging that allows colors, graphics, and designs to really pop will set your company apart.

Businesses entering the cannabis market have to abide by certain medical cannabis packaging requirements and regulations set by their state agencies. This is why our medical marijuana packaging is made with flat, wide exterior layers that offer plenty of “retail space” to include ingredients, dosage information, and required seals and text to inform and educate consumers before they open the package. This keeps your customers safe and establishes your brand as transparent and honest.

Medical marijuana packaging must be childproof and made difficult to open by little ones while still maintaining ease of use by adults. Regulations also state that non-single-use edibles and cannabis products must be resealable, and we offer the highest-quality dura pack and bags that can be heat sealed via heavy-duty zippers. All of our medical cannabis packagings is 100 percent recyclable and landfill friendly, which appeals to customers seeking our more natural forms of medicine, such as cannabis.

We also offer packaging solutions for cultivators and manufacturers of fertilizer and special nutrients used in the marijuana growing process. All of our cannabis packaging options are made from a variety of film layers that work together to provide strength and stability for the packaging to dura pack on its own. Our packaging is puncture-resistant, easily transportable, and can be custom-sized and printed to suit your product’s needs. The right cannabis packaging will dura out on dispensary shelves and help shed misunderstandings and misperceptions of this highly sought-after medicinal herb and the booming marijuana market itself.




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