How does Grow Tent helpful in pest control?

Grow tents are gaining popularity in the past 5 years for all types of indoor growers. They offer overall control over the environment ranges from the intensity of light to the amount of exposure in air. Most of the plants and vegetables required a specific climate to flourish and produce a bountiful harvest. It includes the activities like pest control that could easily ravage a whole field or garden in a short span of time.


Pests like spider mites are quite small and can’t be seen without a magnifying glass. It is one of the most common pests found on indoor plants. They are classified as spiders instead of insects because of their 8 tiny legs. You can easily detect them under the leaves with signs of mite damage include spots on leave or in a worst-case scenario, you can see the spider webs. It is recommended to use the magnifier with 30x capacity to properly identify if you have an infestation. If goes unchecked, it can completely ruin a whole harvest.


The best possible way to keep pests, flies, or other harmful micro-organisms away from your indoor plants or cannabis is by using a grow tent that can control the overall growing environment. Make sure to disinfect the tent on regular basis and keep it neat clean. Grow tent kits comes with a temperature and humidity controller and offer the best environment with high yield results for a cannabis grower.


Spider mites reproduce faster in hot weather and thrive in a dry climate. To overcome this, you can create a hostile environment inside the grow tent by decreasing the temperature down to 60 degrees along with blasting the cold water under the leaves. It will knock the spider mites off the leaves.


In adverse conditions, you can spray them off with organic pest control solutions. Please keep in mind that whatever you spray on the plants, it will eventually make its way into your body. So, avoid using chemical spray and naturally try to grow your plants and cannabis with the help of grow tent.



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