Marijuana culture is an ever-revolving cannabis culture, with new cannabis strains seemingly released every other week. When these new strains are introduced to the public, they are great at creating quite a buzz, thereby getting more attention, but it is worth remembering that some of the more traditional strains are also very potent and effective, and can never be underestimated. Indeed, some of the most potent strains are also the purest!

Some of my favourite Strains you should try

However, there are still a few classical cannabis strains and psilocybin that almost all marijuana hobbyists, even marijuana freshmen are familiar with. These strains, which happen to be some of my favorites, have left a lasting impression on the cannabis community in one way or another, whether it be as a result of their distinctive qualities or positive effects they have on users. They have impressive reputations and have become iconic..

Here is a list of some of my most well-liked marijuana varieties that you have to try if you haven’t already:

  • Super silver haze

Super Silver Haze is an old school legend in the cannabis world; one of a few elite old strains that are still extremely powerful and influential to this day. Super Silver Haze was bred by the legendary Neville Schoenmaker, a cannabis farmer who became famous for founding the first Dutch seed bank in the early 80’s, which he dubbed “The Dutch Seed Bank”.

Some basic feature of super silver Haze: Genetics: 70% sativa – 30 indica; Parents: (Skunk X Neville’s Haze) x (Northern Lights X Nelville’s Haze); THC%: Very strong.

As the genetic background of Super Silver Haze is quite complex, all phenotypes have slightly different traits and thus can vary in taste and smell. In general, however, Super Silver Haze has a very spicy aroma that extends to the palate, blending in with both citrus and sweet overtones.

Super Silver Haze is well known for its ability to induce a happy feeling of clear headed and positive vibes. Super Silver Haze fans often rave about the quality of the high. One particularly passionate description we’ve heard and loved goes like this: “A whirlwind of energy coupled with a comfortable sense of well-being.”

Super Silver Haze is considered a good choice to use for headaches, migraines, depression, and anxiety.

  • Purple OG Kush

Purple OG Kush is a powerful and effective indica cannabis strain with berry and pine flavors and aromas. When ready for harvest, its buds are mossy green with hints of violet all over. The indica Purple Kush and the hybrid OG Kush are the parents of Purple OG Kush.

Its THC content typically ranges from the high teens to 27% in some crops. Just a little will go a long way, so consumers of all experience levels should pay attention. OG Purple Have some snacks on hand because the high from kush will give you a serious feeling of hunger. Its high will start with a mildly pleasing head rush and gradually ease into a full head and body stone that relaxes and relieves pains all over the body. This strain is best used at night because it will also make you feel sleepy and lethargic. The cerebral effects make the user feel cloudy and out of focus.

  • Shrooms

Like cannabis, shrooms cannot be compared to other recreational drugs because they are much safer. Firstly, shrooms are 100% natural, so you don’t have to worry about synthetic additives as long as you know where the mushroom comes from. As for diversity, experts have found that there are hundreds of different species, varying from Psilocybe cyanescens, Azurescens, Cubensis etc. You should know that magic mushrooms are powerful fungi that should not be underestimated! If you are still unfamiliar with psychedelics, it is therefore wise to start with caution. Before jumping into the deep end, it is best to discover the world of microdosing first.

Contact me to discuss marijuana strains

Contact me if you want to know more about the most popular marijuana strains. I’m Devan Christopher Anderson, and after much time, research, and experience, I’d like to strongly suggest purple OG Kush, super silver Haze, and mushrooms as my three favorite marijuana and psilocybin strains.

Additionally, I’m available to help you select from a selection of other marijuana strains while making the procedure enjoyable and straightforward.

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