National Poker Day

Every day is unique and can be notable at a national level, but what makes the day of April 19th especially stand out is more than just the celebration of the nation’s favorite ice cream flavor or savory snack. It is the day of embracing your inner poker player! Recognized as National Poker Day, this day is when poker players of nearly all ages and expertise celebrate the strategic and amusing game of poker.


In honor of this monumental event, Poker Day celebrates poker with players worldwide by delivering high-quality and exclusive poker gear, gifts, and accessories not available anywhere else! Poker Day is considered an exceptionally high-valued and highly sought-after designer to poker stars. Do not be surprised if you catch one of your favorite professional poker players sporting a poker t-shirt featuring one of Poker Day’s unique designs.


Some might say the notorious game of poker dates back virtually 1,000 years. Historians have their theories about the origins of poker, but ultimately, the game was inspired by a card game that evolved across many cultures and continents over time. Eventually, the game resulted in the development of a 52-card deck. Today, different variants of the game prevail among professional poker players, with the most recent being Texas Hold ’em.

Poker has become a classic, fun, and tactical game of strategic activity. Since 2004, Caesars Entertainment has hosted a series of poker tournaments annually, now known today as the World Series of Poker. This major tournament consists of over 100 poker game variants and is enjoyed by thousands of people from all over the world. It’s become such a popular yearly event, well over 40 million people travel thousands of miles to show off their profound knowledge and skills in poker. Not all attendees play for money. Many play for prizes while others honestly just play for fun.


Poker is a global game that is purely a game of skill with a dash of luck. The goal of poker is to win by seizing the pot that is comprised of bets made by various other players in the game. There are a variety of types of poker games, including Texas Hold ’em, Omaha, 7-Card Stud, and HORSE, just to name a few. With over a dozen types of games that you can choose to play, Texas Hold ’em is the most popular game and quite easy to learn and enhance. A royal flush is one of the rarest hands a poker player can play, with a full house being the only way to beat it.


Poker Day exhibits a primary focus to design, develop, and execute unique poker-inspired products that motivate and energize poker enthusiasts to deliver their best hand. These products include everything from homeware, face masks, stationery, bags to apparel featuring rare poker t-shirts that are fun, comfortable, and stylish. National Poker Day is just around the corner. Do you or someone you know have a passion for poker? Visit for all of your exclusive poker merch before inventory is sold out! Follow Poker Day on Instagram for exclusive offers and poker updates.




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