Raw paper and other products are made from natural hemp plant fibres. Many other shapes, sizes and materials are used to produce a variety of papers. In 2004, Kesselman invested a million dollars in a supplier of natural, unprocessed, unbleached hemp fibers for the vegan paper market.Sooner Distributors is largest Supplier in Tulsa , Oklahoma and Whole Oklahoma   

Raw roll paper is made from 100% plants to provide you with the most natural and clean smoke. In the production of raw paper and other products, no other materials are used to burn them organically and much cleaner than any other product on the market. Raw paper is produced from raw cones free of GMOs, bleach, fuel additives, chalk or dyes.    

Raw Rolling Papers 1 1 / 4 (also known as 1.25″ paper) is a natural, unbleached, unbleached paper made using a natural process of natural sap and rubber to ensure a smooth and clean smoking experience. Unlike other rolled papers that add dyes or chalk, Raw Rolling Papers prides itself on its process of using pure, unrefined vegetable fibres on top of the gumline.   

They are purer than other roll papers because they undergo less processing, and when the entire process is complete, the application of a crisscross watermark helps prevent the paper from leaking and burning during the smoking process. Raw Classic papers are unbleached and have a distinctive brown color that is clean and crisp when smoked. Raw Natural Rolling Papers hold the standard patent for Criss-Cross watermark to promote smooth combustion.

Raw also offers classic, creaseless, connoisseur cone and organic lines with the same style. Raw also offers accessories such as trays, filters, shredders and pipes. Raw is one of the best known names for roll paper, roll cones and paper cones, thanks to its widespread presence on social media, its straightforward message, its additives and its classic packaging.   

Raw is an all-natural roll paper available in many different shapes and sizes for your personal needs. Raw branded roll paper and natural hemp roll paper are very popular for a variety of reasons in the roll-your-own smoking community.

Double-pressed, extra-fine organic vegetable paper, unbleached, produced in the Alcoy region of Spain where humidity due to the Valencian wind is optimal. This 100% raw black, simple wide rolled paper is packaged with double pressed paper, making ultra-thin paper unbleached for joint rolling.  

High-quality rolling paper with extra finely pressed curd offers a gentle cannabis smoking experience. With a selection of raw cigarettes available in all sizes, including King size, Double Wide, Single Wide, 15 “wide and 17.5” the smoking rolls of any size can be created.    

Raw paper prices vary from one dollar for standard papers to two dollars for king-size papers. We also offer king-size paper filters and tips in a three-dollar package.

Let us take a look at the advantages of using raw paper products over other smoking materials. Each packet of 100% rolling paper is made from raw organic hemp, which is made from organically grown, chlorine-free, pure hemp. Unbleached hemp paper is raw and unaffected by the chemical additives used in the production of other roll papers, leaving natural smoke for the planet.   

Raw papers are designed to offer users different smoking experiences and help them achieve a variety of different uses. Rolls offer different paper sizes, some of which can be seen in raw products.    

If you play with a single wide roll of paper that is bulky and bulky for a joint, it measures depending on the brand between 76-78 mm in length and 63-88 mm in width. If you pack 1 1 / 2 rolls of paper, you can smoke a joint that is larger than a cigarette but not big enough to blunt 3-4 people at once, which is one of the ultimate stone throwers. You can roll a larger diameter to smoke it, but if you don’t roll it wide enough, you’ll end up smoking more paper than your stuff.   

The king-size roll paper is the second most popular size because it is long enough to roll a good enough connection without the need for a blunt roll. Your joint depends on how you roll it, the paper and the properties of the tobacco or herb used. A clever and skilful finger can roll a piece of paper that will bake and break up your smoking session.  

Josh’s video will show you why he is so passionate about teaching you how to roll the perfect joint, the complexities of rolling paper, and what he thinks cool (and why he thinks cool ), from massive joints to skittles and onesies specifically designed for stonemasons.   

Josh settled in Phoenix, Arizona, a city that he describes as the liberal capital of the tobacco counterculture, where he established a business that educated shopkeepers about the intricacies and complicatedness of rolling paper. “I went to paper mills and came up with the idea that I had all the materials I needed and wanted to make them myself. Persistence finally bore fruit, and I managed to convince a small mill to make everything I needed for my paper.    

As more and more people started to roll, use and share raw paper with their friends, they fell in love with the product. Your intoxicated friend, the person who loves smoking plants, who does not believe in rolling raw, falls in love, and raw goes round in circles. When a man named Alexandro Rizlette from Cramptone Lacroix started making the paper and exporting it to Napoleon, the word grew.




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