Types of slot in 2023

Classic game layout with 3 reels. They often have a single payline running through the middle of the slot, but some 3-reel slots have multiple paylines 안전놀이터.

5 reel slot

This is the layout most often found in modern land-based and internet-based slots. The top of the 5 reel slots can feature different numbers of rows and paylines.

7 reel slot

Another very popular type of multi-reel slots in both online and land-based casinos. Most of the best 7-reel slots offer plenty of paylines, bonus features and plenty of winning opportunities.

Action A slot’s action represents all the slot playing time accumulated by the gambler. It can also refer to the number of bets placed or total playing time 안전놀이터.

Annuity Winner

Refers to a slot machine jackpot that is paid in installments over several years. Some jackpots are paid in one lump sum, but in that case, there are cases where a large amount of tax is added.

auto play

Autoplay or Autospin is an option that allows the player to select the number of spins to play automatically. It will stop after the specified number of spins or the bonus feature has been triggered.


AWP stands for Amusements with Prizes and refers to a type of slot machine that offers a level of interaction between the player and the machine. An English fruit machine is an example of an AWP.

bet amount

This is the total amount of cash you wager on a single spin. It is a combination of coin size, coin level and number of paylines to bet on.

bet max

Bet Max is the highest possible bet for a given coin size, i.e. the highest bet level. Hitting the Bet Max button activates the highest bet level and all paylines to spin the reels.

Bet one

This option will only wager 1 coin/credit per active payline per spin.

Bonus Rounds Bonus rounds are featured on many video slots. Bonus rounds can be triggered randomly or by lining up certain bonus symbol combos.

Some Buy-A-Feature slots require a minimum wager to activate additional bonus features. In some cases, you can activate enhanced features by placing additional wagers.

Buy a Pay

Buying a pay means making a bet big enough to compete for the top prize. Some slot machines require you to wager a certain amount in order to win big.


In land-based casinos, a group of slot machines placed close together, often in clusters. For example, dollar slots may be grouped in a carousel.

Cascading reel

As you line up winning combinations, the winning symbols disappear, making room for new symbols to cascade down to fill their places. This way the player can win from just one spin.

Qualified slots have an RTP between 98% and 100% guaranteed by the casino.

The Click & Pick A feature is used frequently in bonus rounds. Click the icon to reveal coin prizes, multipliers, free spins or other special features.


Slot machines used to be played with real coins. However, nowadays this is not common. Still, many slots allow you to wager with coins or credits.

Coin level

In addition to adjusting the coin size (value), many slots give you the option to increase the number of coins you bet per payline. Also called bet level.

Coin size

Many slots allow you to choose a coin denomination. This will range from one yen to a dollar.



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