Why did Byron Bay become so popular

Byron Bay is known around the world as a laid-back beach luxury haven, a place of spiritual tranquillity and awe-inspiring nature…
The famous Byron Bay lighthouse and the surrounding beaches emote a peaceful, sunny wonderland…
where relaxation and outdoor activity strike a perfect balance at the most easterly point of the Australian mainland.

At Byron Bay CBD We aim to create a brand that gives the end user of our product that feeling. Our products are poised to give people the feeling of youthful energy and healthful habits. CBD has been called the “fountain of youth” and we would like to make our brand campaigns based on people’s desire to stay young and fit.

Byron Bay CBD is The Guiding light to health and wellness.

Byron Bay CBD prides itself on supplying natural Cannabinoid (CBD) products of the highest quality and purity. Our quality-assured and tested CBD products are amongst the best in the industry. With an abundant supply available, we can ensure that we are a consistent and highly desirable large-scale provider to our market. Our brand is synonymous with an active, agile, and ageless market, with a focus on outdoor activities and natural organic attributes.

Although Byron Bay Bio is currently unable to produce organic CBD from the Byron Bay area (due to Australian regulatory constraints), we are positioning ourselves to ship and distribute products from this locale as soon as it is legalized. We also intend to add Australian-grown CBD to the market to further diversify and create innovative new
products with the Byron Bay brand.

Byron Bay CBD is poised to hit the ground running with a marketing plan that is inventive
and intended to go viral. With hand-picked athletes, celebrities, and internet influencers flooding
social media with their first-hand experiences of our CBD tinctures (oils) and the corresponding benefits to their health and well-being, we believe that our brand will become the most well-known and trusted luxury product of its kind to date.

Once we have cornered these markets, we will also add CBD-infused cosmetics which are yet to be as popular as we know they will become, from Byron Bay Bio to Byron Bay CBD.



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