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A lift is a specialized aerial work platform specially designed to be used by workers who complete a task in a raised place or, let’s say, in a story building. For instance, a painter who needs to paint a wall far from the ground, for example, a story wall, will require an object to live them to a position where it can work best; a boom lift is your assistance in such situations.

Types of Lifts

There are several lifts that these casual and other workers have at their disposal to aid them and make their work safer, easy, and more fun. They got no stress of using manual ladders when they want to work on a particular raised platform. They can use automated machines that they can efficiently operate as they use less effort making their work more fun.

Traction lift

It is a kind of lift with ropes tied to both ends, and the string passes over a wheel attached to an electric motor or car that caries the worker and the tools to be used in work. The primary function of the ropes is to lower or raise the vehicle to the desired height. The lift also uses a counterweight hence eliminating the occupant’s and the car’s so that the motor reduces the load on the elevator.

Hydraulic Lift

It’s a kind of lift supported by a bottom-place piston that is responsible for the upward movement of the ride. It also uses an electric motor that generates a force using the hydraulic fluid to push down the piston, thus ensuring the downward trends of the charge.

Boom lift

These are the most common lifts used by construction workers to help make their job easy and productive; as a result, the boom lifts, popularly known as the man lift, should be more secure and safe for the workers involved.

Safety of boom lifts

The question is, how safe is my boom lift? It should be of priority to any professional who wants to use a boom lift. Before even thinking about getting on a boom Lift, think about your safety, and you need to check the following;

  • Are you having the appropriate safety gear?
  • Do you have the appropriate equipment that meets the standards of your work?
  • What’s the situation of your boom lift harness safety while high up? How steady Is it?

Types of Boom lifts

To further elaborate on the different types of boom lifts available, we made a study and came up with the following explanatĂ­ons on the same. There are three significant types of boom lifts and that’s self-propelled, push-around, and atrium/ belt boom lift.

Self Propelled lifts

They are considered the smallest in the group of boom lifts and are designed for a single user. It can only be raised to a height of between 15 feet to 21 feet only hence the easiest to maneuver through corridors and doorways. These features make it the most suitable for indoor use and many other small projects that require a moderate increase in height.

Push around

It is slightly larger and can move at a height of between 15 feet to 50 feet. It is also a bit more spacious than the self-propelled lift and can accommodate a worker together with their tools. On the same note, it is also suitable for use by photographers who wants to take birds-eye view pictures above a large crowd—having retractable legs make it more stable and possible to lift two people since it also has a collapsible frame.

Belt/Atrium lift

Also known as the compact, the largest in the group, and since it has retractable legs, it’s more stable, In combination with the tank-like base hence its ability to withstand mud, sand, and other barriers. Due to the presence of the jib joint, it is also able to rotate 360 degrees with much ease compared to the others. They are electric-powered, and some use fuels for their operations.

To conclude, you need to know the height you will be working on to make the best choice of lift that you’ll need for your workings. If in doubt, always seek professional help on which ride you should use on a given occasion.



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