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The days of selling cannabis in sachets are long gone. There are many different types of legal weed products on the market, from oils to flowers to edibles and more. How you package them really matters.

Packaging keeps your product up-to-date and provides valuable data, and gives you great opportunities to grow your brand. The legal cannabis industry is growing exponentially. Research shows that the cumulative legal sale of weed for medical and recreational use is estimated to reach $ 35 billion by 2025.

The weed packaging market is also booming, with a value of $ 101.48 billion in 2020. It is reported to reach $ 297.51 billion by 2026.

Regardless of the types of products you sell, there are many packaging options for cannabis and CBD. Here are six to look out for.

Glass Jars and Bottles

Glass containers allow buyers to see the product before opening it. This is especially true for cannabis products in the form of flowers and leaves.

These are the most recognizable parts of the plant, so use glass or cannabis containers with a clear window. The flowers and leaves also contain chemicals that have a unique taste and smell depending on the variety. You want to protect them with airtight packaging to provide optimal customer service.

Glass is known for not reacting to most chemicals. This means the THC or other active chemicals won’t leech into the packaging.

Resealable Containers

Since cannabis is a dried herbal product, it needs custom marijuana packaging that protects it from moisture and sunlight. This preserves its herbal properties.

Use opaque cannabis containers that close like herbal teas. Many states require child protection when packing leaves and flowers. These include set screws, plastic rails, or any retaining seals.

Silicon Jars

Silicone cans are ideal for cannabis concentrates like wax due to their non-stick properties. This allows the customer to remove all of the product from the container, thus eliminating waste.

The silicone that you will use to package cannabis and CBD is medical grade. This means that there is no chemical leech here, as is the case with conventional plastic. You can also use these containers for high-quality cannabis strains.

Tin Containers

Tin containers often have a clear plastic window through which consumers can see the product. Durable lids protect against moisture and sunlight, so the product stays cool and protected.

You can seal these containers with shrink film to preserve the properties of the product. Clear lids work well for displaying your product. They allow the budtender to open so buyers can smell before buying.

Plastic Vials

Plastic vials work well for packaging single cannabis cigarettes, plus small quantities of cannabis flowers and leaves. Many of these cannabis packaging vials include child-resistant lids that open by pushing down and turning, similar to how you open many prescriptions medicine bottles.

Because of this, these vials also work well for medical cannabis products. They are also easy to label.

Mylar Bags

Companies often use mylar (plastic) bags for packaging foods and organic items. These work well for cannabis and CBD packaging because they can hold a lot of a product and are easy to label. Rather than using completely clear bags, package products in opaque bags with plastic windows.

This is important because you don’t want to make any references to the days when cannabis was illegally distributed in plastic baggies. Using mylar bags with clear plastic windows looks professional while enabling customers to still view the product inside.

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