Why Mylar Bags Are The Best For Cannabis Packaging

The chances are high that you must have handled one before, as they are relatively common in most markets. They often have a shiny finish and consist of thick and plastic-like material. One reason they are quite popular is because of their protective and smell-proof properties.

They are ideal for packaging basically anything ranging from food to chemical compounds, but the marijuana packaging remains the most significant beneficiary. As more countries continue to legalize the use of cannabis, many marijuana entrepreneurs are turning to printed mylar bags.

Dry herbs and other forms of marijuana, such as weed, can be stored effectively in mylar bags for long periods of time.

In this article, we’d highlight reasons why mylar bags are best for cannabis packaging. Come with us.

They help the content remain potent and fresh for the best quality

Weed bags prevent the natural breakdown of marijuana products and keep contaminants at bay. Marijuana producers don’t need to worry about getting complaints about their strong-smelling goods because cannabis mylar bags are odor-resistant.

Many related products of cannabis emit very strong aromas and many people who are not users may find this unpleasant. Smell-proof weed mylar bags prevent the smell from escaping the packaging, so if you own a cannabis business, they are perfect.

They help your products retain their freshness for as long as required and keep the contents safe from contaminants.

They are specifically made for concealment

The makeup of a typical mylar bag is one made of several layers of laminated plastic and aluminum. A mylar bag is perfect for concealment as your goods remain inconspicuous for the customers who prefer discretion about their marijuana consumption.

Opacity is a requirement for many cannabis markets and as a cannabis entrepreneur, you have to put this at the back of your mind when shopping for dispensary packaging solutions. Since they are inconspicuous, these weed packaging bags mitigate the risk of seizure, loss, and, theft.

Mylar bags are child-resistant 

Cannabis, being harmful to children and young adults not up to the legal age, needs to be packaged in a product that offers protection. Mylar bags are perfect for this as they are child-resistant. They adhere to the safety regulations of the CPG industry regulators, and as such children can’t have access to the contents that they could abuse.


The Best Place To Buy Mylar Weed Bags 

Are you looking for the best place to source bulk mylar bags for your cannabis products? Dura-defense.com helps cannabis entrepreneurs and other small businesses have access to low minimums, custom designs, and fast turnaround time, at the same time offering unbeatable pricing.

You want a prolonged shelf life for your products, and our printed mylar bags are tailor-made for your products. With Dura-defense.com, sourcing for an ideal packaging solution is as easy as easy comes. Our weed bags are compliant with industry regulations that will offer longevity to your products.

We can also help you create a mylar bag design for a modest fee. Our graphic designers are equipped with the knowledge to create designs that help your marijuana brand stand out on the shelves.

There is no better option for complying with marijuana packaging regulations than Mylar weed baggies. In addition to being child-resistant, odor-proof, strong, and opaque, these cannabis bags are ideal packaging for any marijuana product.



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