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Do you need a custom cannabis packaging solution for your business? How about a cannabis packaging solution that is backed by thousands of 5-star reviews and a Low-price guarantee? When you choose International Plastics for your custom printed cannabis bag needs, you’re choosing a team of packaging experts dedicated to bringing your vision to life. Backed by a low price guarantee and a fast turnaround time, we can confidently guarantee your satisfaction, or we’ll give you your money back. We can’t wait to work with you on your next custom cannabis packaging project!


Customize your own unique Cannabis Bag

Fully customize your own unique Bag, Style, Size, Features, and Print!

Because custom-made products involve many variables please share your exact requirements so that we may offer you a fast, no-obligation custom quote or call us at (313) 299-9600….. FAX (313) 299-9988  and allow us to help you through the process!

What Size Bag Need For Different Amount of Cannabis

Unfortunately, one size bag does not fit all. As a cannabis dispensary knows you have specific guidelines and laws you must follow packaging your products. In addition to this and unlike many other types of businesses your products do not always come pre-packaged. Customers often get to choose the type of cannabis product they want along with the amount they would like to purchase. This means that you will need several different sizes of cannabis bags depending on the amount of marijuana bud/flower a customer wants to purchase.

As opposed to reusing boxes, glass jars, ziplock bags, and drugstore bottles, pioneering cannabis brands and dispensaries of today see a branding opportunity in creating custom printed cannabis bags and packaging solutions. Not only do these custom printed cannabis weed bags strengthen brand recognition they also help dispensaries comply with state and or local laws. Some of these laws might the color of a bag, that a bag is child-proof, a boilerplate warning, contents of the bag, and the amount of cannabis product in the bag.

The first step in creating custom printed cannabis bags for your dispensary is choosing the right size bag. Below we have created a chart that shows common amounts of marijuana flower packaged and the recommended bag size for this amount.

Cannabis Bag Size Guide

1 Gram cannabis = 3″ x 4″ x 2″ cannabis bags

1/8 ounce cannabis (3.5 grams) = 3.75″ x 5″ x 1.5″ cannabis  bags

1/4 ounce cannabis(quarter ounce, 7 grams) = 4.75″ x 6.125″ x 2″ cannabis bags

1/2 ounce cannabis (half ounce, 14 grams) = 5.3” x 8 “ x 3” cannabis bags

1 ounce cannabis (28 grams) = 6.125” x 9.5” x 3.5” cannabis bags

1/2 pound cannabis (224 grams) = 10.75 “x 10.5” x 6” cannabis bags

How Long Will Weed Stay Fresh in a Zip Lock Bag?

After the cannabis has been harvested it’s just like any other plant, fruit, or vegetable. The cannabis starts to degrade over time. In some cases, dispensaries use traditional Ziplock or poly bags made from low-density polyethylene. Because of these bags’ construction materials, they do little to nothing to regulate key elements to keeping marijuana flowers healthy. These bags are clear, so they do nothing to prevent harmful UV rays to degrade the TCH in marijuana flowers or cannabis edibles. Also, poly and zip lock bags properties do nothing to control the amount of oxygen and humidity in the bag increasing the oxidation and evaporation of terpenes and cannabinoids ultimately more rapidly decreasing weeds potency over a small amount of time.

How Long Will cannabis Stay Fresh In a Laminated cannabis Bag?

Using our laminated cannabis bags for packaging marijuana flowers, or cannabis edibles like cookie and candies will keep them fresh longer along with maintaining the cannabis potency. Our packaging and exit bags take into account 4 things a typical ziplock bag, glass jar, or pharmaceutical container do not. Our bags control the UV light entering the bag, they are durable and control order, have antistatic properties, and control the amount of oxygen and humidity inside the bag.



UV Control: Our bag provides protection from harmful UV light which THC degrades, decreasing the potency of the packaged cannabis product.

Odor Control: Since our bags are constructed with strong and durable layers of laminate it ensures bags are will not puncture and the smell is contained inside of the bag.

Oxygen and Water The multi-layers of our laminated bags work in tandem. By slowing down the Marijuana flower’s respiration process and allowing diffusion of excess water vapor keeping the bag contents at the perfect humidity level. These two processes reduce mold growth and maintain high levels of potency.

Top-shelf cannabis bags for the top-shelf products.

cannabis is big business and only getting bigger. With the majority of the country legalizing medical cannabis, now’s the time for the smart cannabis producer to focus on differentiating your brand at the dispensary with custom cannabis packaging from Whether you’re packaging cannabis edibles, flowers, or filling exit packaging, we have high-quality, USA-made cannabis bags and your product needs to stand out. Dura-Pack child-resistant cannabis bag features and premium weed packaging materials let you safely and securely store your product. Our advanced printing technology lets you create bold and eye-catching custom cannabis dispensary packaging solutions to let your brand pop off the shelf. We offer a number of packaging styles such as pre-roll flat pouches, vape cartridge pouches in a variety of styles. Order a free sample pack to get your hands on the wide variety of cannabis packaging options we have to offer.

What’s the right bag for your cannabis product?

With several custom cannabis packaging options for you to choose from, we’re sure to have the right one for your product. View our selection below.

Flat Pouch

Look to our flat pouches for the perfect, easy-to-use solution for marijuana flowers and buds. Choose your size and offer your customers a safe, protective, and pocket-friendly solution.

Flat-Bottom Pouch

Choose flat-bottom bags as your creative showpiece with maximum shelf stability, a classy appearance, and unmatched practicality for your cannabis products.

Gusseted Bag

Pick gusseted bags to give your marijuana products the shelf-stable, artwork-forward punch they need to stand out on a crowded retail shelf. Use the entire bag surface to tell your brand story.

Stand-Up Pouch

Enjoy the excellent versatility of our stand-up pouches as a go-to, practical solution for packaging marijuana edibles.



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