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At  we want you, from today, to be fully informed about this plant that provides multiple health benefits, and even to give you some tastes in your favorite foods. Currently, hemp is the most searched word on the internet, either to know the scientific name of marijuana «Cannabis», or to know a little more about the industry, written in Spanish-speaking search engines like; marihuna, marijuana, marijuana, mariuhana, maruhuana, marhuana, mariguna, marihana, pink marijuana, maria dope, cannabis, cannabi, cannavis, cannabis sativa, cannabbis, canabi, cannabiss, cannibus,cannbis, cannavis, or in English; weed or weed purple, the result will always be the same, from our web portal we want to keep you informed on the subject.

 Where does marijuana or what is marijuana come from?

It is also known as hemp and its origin dates back to 3000 BC, even before the colonization of Georgetown, and thus begins the history of marijuana. We have a total of 6 locations based in Dunnville, St. Catharines, Georgetown, Thorold, Fonthill and Tillsonburg.

This is a herbaceous plant , which usually has five leaves onwards, which increase as they grow, however, it does not exceed one meter in height, they are green and its flowers, yellow.

It can be grown both indoors, due to its size, and outdoors because it is compact. In addition, as a curious fact, cannabis is a plant of cold climates, so its harvest is more effective during the month of September.

Cannabidiol CBD: A Medicinal Component Many Use

There are many questions that we ask ourselves about marijuana every day, such as what is cannabis? Is the marijuana flower effective? How to grow marijuana plants? But we leave CBD to one of the main components of the plant.

What is CBD?

We could define it as one of the components found in the cannabis plant , cannabidiol does not produce a psychoactive effect, currently, this component is studied by doctors and scientists around the world for its great therapeutic benefits.

The cannabis plant produces infinities of nutrients that are beneficial for the human body, which is why the marijuana flower and the plant itself are the raw material to make the CBD oil used to eliminate ailments.


Many specialists recommend the medicinal use of marijuana, there are even associations worldwide that fight for the legalization of the component of the marijuana plant for medicinal purposes, for example, “la camera ” an Argentine association that seeks the acceptance of CBD in people.


Types of Cannabis


It is one of the few that can be found naturally, it is native to Asian countries and its leaves are much wider, in relation to the others, it is also known as marijuana or purple speck.  Its effects are related to physical relaxation.


Medicinal effects of Cannabis

As mentioned above, marijuana has different healing properties thanks to its components, known as Cannabinoids. Its main chemical compound is THC or grandcannabis, from which CBD, which has relaxing effects, CBN, which reduces the heart rate, CBG, which has psychoactive properties and CBC with sedative anti-inflammatory effects, is released.


It has been shown that cannabinoids, compounds in cannabis, stop the formation of vessels in the malignant tumor, which, causes it to stop its growth. It is important to note that the different compounds in marijuana produce apoptosis or suicide of tumor cells, without damaging healthy cells.


According to a study conducted by the University of Saskatchewan, the use of cannabis oil can reduce seizures in infants, because it contains 95% cannabidiol and 5% THC.




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