Is your weed going bad?: know all about it.

When you think of any edible going bad, you picture it as a jar of Nutella or a carton of milk. But when you talk about weed definitely doesn’t fit the kind mentioned above. It definitely would feel much moldier and smell funny; it might also taste bad. It is then that you would know how your weed is turning bad. Sometimes it might just have gone past its prime, and it might be difficult for you to pinpoint if the weed has gone bad or not. To be sure, you have to know certain points related to weed. Here are those points that you can go through to understand better when your weed goes bad.

●  Know how long a weed stays fresh

Storage has a big role to play when it comes to the potency of weed. If stored in the right way away from moisture and air, it can stay long enough to give you a similar essence as it used to have in its prime. Normally, weed stays fresh when properly stored in an airtight jar for about six months to a year. Research and studies with different properties of weed experts also come out with the amount of THC lost every year.

It is clear from the studies that after one year, the content of THC reduces by 16% of its original value. After two years, this content reduces to about one-fourth of its original content. The THC content reduces to 35% from its original content in 3 years and 40% in 4 years. This is different for edibles that have THC content in them. Although the THC content will be reduced in a similar fashion, the edible might go bad much before. For instance, if you are consuming trips ahoy chocolate chip cookies, you might find that these cookies that have cannabis-induced in them also go bad. Even if you take good care of them by ensuring proper storage and putting them in airtight containers, they can push their limits up to 6 months or so. If not kept properly with this time of freshness can reduce even less than a month. However, you can be sure of the time for which it can stay fresh by talking about the label mentioned.

●  Look for changes in smell.

Mostly when the weed is fresh and in its prime, it smells very fresh and earthy. You would be Intrigued by the smell of weed, and you would want to consume it if you are a weed lover. This is also true for CBD and THC-induced edibles. For example, if you are a regular consumer of Sour patch edibles, You could feel the difference after a certain period. You can easily tell the difference in smell from when it was bought, and the time it goes bad. Although edible here is sour, you can see a prominent difference in how it smells once it goes bad.

●  Check for molds

This is an important but a bit tough part. It is not necessary that everybody understands how to check if your weed has molded in them. You have to be very careful before checking for molds in your weed. They often look like powdery white spots that are fuzzy; if you don’t look carefully, you can miss it for the frosty-looking fresh weed. Even the taste of the weed that has mold will taste off. The moldy weed will smell different. It will be musty and wet. Even if you have bought a fresh packet of weed, it is better to check it for molds before you use it. After inspection by many researchers, it was found that 20% of packaged beads are found to have some or other kind of bacterial growth happening on them even when bought from some of the best dispensaries. So it is not only important to check for any bacterial growth when it’s old; it should also be mandatory for consumers to check newly bought weeds for any kind of foul smell or powdery spots on them.


As you have seen, weed has a certain lifetime, after which it goes bad. Experts from believe that to keep the essence of a strain intact throughout, you need to take proper care of your weed storage. You would agree that sometimes people who consume Cannabis don’t even know that the weed they are consuming is foul and has turned bad. People need to be more careful before they directly consume Cannabis. It sometimes only affects the THC content of the weed. It might also be possible that since the weed has gone past its prime, its potency might get affected. For instance, if you are looking for 100% THC content in a strain, then after a certain period of time, For about a year or six months, the THC content will not be a hundred and might be reduced to only 70% of its original. Keep your eyes open and look for the above-mentioned points before consuming any weed.



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