The use of Mylar bags for extending the shelf life of Cannabis

Mylar is a metalized polyester film developed in the 1950s. Among its many qualities are reflectivity and gas and aroma protection, making it perfect for storage. Mylar can be thought of as a metallic film that blocks light and air, protecting the contents and providing a protective barrier from the external environment.

Mylar bags are made from Mylar film, sealed on three sides, the fourth can be easily sealed with a normal iron or heat-sealer, once the bag has been filled. Mylar bags are also available with zip-lock seals. Mylar zip lock bags provide excellent light and air barrier protection and are ideal for short to medium-term food storage. For long-term food storage, all Mylar bags, including zip lock bags, must be sealed with an iron or heat sealer.

At this point it is important to explain that short-term food storage for our purposes means less than a month, medium-term means one to six months, and long-term means more than six months. Many people have successfully stored dry foods for over ten years using Mylar bags.

Once you’ve filled your Mylar bag, it’s best to remove as much oxygen as possible. You can push most of it out with your hands on a flat surface, but some oxygen will remain. This is where oxygen absorbers are used. An oxygen absorber is a small package that effectively removes all oxygen from a closed environment, such as a Mylar bag. Inside each small packet is powdered iron (Fe) and smaller amounts of other inert chemicals, such as salt (NaCl) and calcium oxide (Ca(OH) 2 ).

At CREATIVE LABZ you can find the best Mylar bags with Premium smell-proof, moisture-resistant, and resealable Mylar bags in size 3.5g (eighth) 28g (ounce) and 448g (1 pound), Premium quality apparel that shows support for the cultivation industry, and Smell-proof and child-resistant eighth jars with premium branded labeling.

Typically, you can order your dispensary packaging from their site. All you have to do is add your desirables to the cart and pay at checkout.

Alternatively, you can call or text the point of sales, Zack Kligman, at 843-457-0226. However, note that the payment routes through this approach are limited. For now, they only accept payment for off-site orders through:

Apple pay,

Cash app,


Venmo, and


Credit and Debit cards (over the phone only)

When you are buying the items on CREATIVE LABZ, there is no minimum order. For the custom orders, they do have minimum order requirements that vary depending on the project.

For example, if you registered a custom order for  Mylar bags, they’d require you to purchase a minimum of 10,000 bags. But for their strain labels, they’d ask you to commit to at least 25labels.

Bottom line: the product being customized would ultimately decide your minimum order. For a better explanation and quote, you can reach us at [email protected].

When you reach out for a custom need for our dispensary packaging items, the creative labz engage you in an extensive dialog to get your preferences. After, they email you the minimum order for your desired item. If that works for you, they then handle the pricing.

When both parties eventually settle on the right price, creative labz requires you to make a commitment in the form of a 50% down payment. And once we fulfill your order, just before shipping (at a max of 4weeks), you will balance the other 50%.




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