Marijuana Packaging Permanently in Mylar Bags

Our high-quality barrier bags are made from the best mylar on the market at 5 mil thickness and are available in a variety of sizes. Store up to 1 pound of marijuana flower or edibles in these stylish heat-sealed mylar barrier bags.  Designed for ease of use, these barrier bags feature convenient resealable closure.  These barrier bags are the perfect base to brand your flower, edibles, or concentrates and the resealable closure protects the potency of the product, seals in freshness, and prevents the possibility of leakage.

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Custom Designed Mylar Bags

All Printed, Color Customized | MOQ From 100 Pcs

Mylar bags are small flat or stand-up bags, made with simple 2 layers or 3 layers metalized and clear material can be added with zipper, the front of pouch normally print with images or left with a window can be seen through. Most mylar bags are with one side transparent and one side silver material.


What is Mylar, and how does it work on Mylar bags?

Mylar bags feature a distinct polyester film.

Mylar is a film stretched out from a PET polymer.

Mylar is a sturdy fabric that also produces a powerful barrier against aromas and gases.

The Mylar body is also stable enough to handle various outside conditions without wear.

The most important part of the bag is that it will ensure outside air will not enter and potentially harm the inside contents.


How thick can a Mylar bag be?

A sheet for a Mylar bag can go from 12um to 350um in thickness.

These are equal to 0.0005 to 0.014 inches.

The measurement shows that Mylar is light in weight and easy to prepare.

A Mylar bag does not need to be too thick; a thicker bag does not mean it is more effective.

Is aluminum foil included on a Mylar bag?

Aluminum foil will appear in the middle part of the bag to block out oxygen.

How smooth are Mylar bags?

Mylar is a smooth polymer that does not wrinkle or bed easily.

Multiple bags can go alongside one another without them chafing

How is Mylar produced?

A few steps are critical to the production of Mylar:

  • Polyethylene terephthalate or PET will be extracted as a film.
  • The film goes on a cold surface like a roller.
  • The film is then drawn in both directions.
  • Heated rollers will draw the film out in one direction and then the next.
  • The film is heated under tension at 200 degrees Celsius or 392 Fahrenheit.

The process ensures that Mylar can handle even the most challenging conditions.

Is there a potential for a Mylar bag to take in or produce static electricity?

Mylar is not going to conduct static electricity.

The polymer instead insulates the contents inside the bag from any electric impacts.

The body works as an electrical insulator.

Can Mylar bags handle humidity well enough?

Mylar bags can prevent excess moisture from entering.

You should still keep from immersing the Mylar bag or keeping it in rainy conditions.

What are the proper temperature storage considerations for Mylar bags?

Mylar can be stored in various temperature conditions.

Mylar will retain its qualities at conditions from -70 to 150 degrees Celsius or -94 to 302 Fahrenheit.

You should still use the storage rules for whatever foods you plan on storing in your Mylar bags.

What types of foods can go in Mylar bags?

You can use Mylar bags to store an assortment of foods.

Mylar bags are ideal for dry foods.

You can also add dehydrated or freeze-dried foods to the bag.

The ability of the Mylar bag to prevent moisture from entering ensures you can store dry foods without risk.

Mylar bags – the first choice for cannabis storage

Mylar bags are a true miracle when it comes to the long-term storage of food. Mylar is in principle a metalized polyester film and was invented in 1950. In contrast to plastic vacuum bags, Mylar bags are not only air-tight but even completely gas-tight! Once completely closed, almost no odor molecules pass through to the outside. Even after years of use!

Typical products packaged in Mylar bags are coffee beans, chips, beef jerky, food supplements, spice mixes, etc. So basically everything that would smell bad and lose taste when exposed to light, air, and/or moisture.

We’re taking advantage of Weed’s inclusion.

Advantages of Mylar Bags:

  • Free of toxins: Unlike plastic bags, they do not give toxic chemicals to the buds.
  • Sealable: The bags can be sealed using a simple vacuum sealer from the kitchen. So the closure is absolutely tight!
  • Opaque: Since the core of the foil is made of aluminum, the bags are absolutely light-tight!
  • Extremely tear-resistant: The aluminum construction makes the bags super-durable and tear-resistant.
  • Suitable for freezing: The material is perfect for freezing. And since after vacuuming (as good as) no air is left in the bag, no water accumulation can occur on the buds
  • Reusable: After tearing, the bags can be resealed again.


Storing cannabis with Mylar Bags is the perfect solution, especially for cannabis stores and dispensaries. Mylar Bags are durable, legally compliant, and will keep your products fresh and potent with no risk of damage.



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