How to Choose Cannabis Packaging Equipment

As a professional marijuana packaging manufacturer in Holland Road Taylor, dura-pack supplies a one-stop service for your cannabis/marijuana packaging including filling, sealing, capping, and labeling. We have an efficient production line and we can also develop a custom solution for you.

We Offer One-stop Service for Your Cannabis Packaging

With the legalization of marijuana in various states worldwide, the industry of cannabis is starting to get the interest of the public. Choosing the appropriate equipment for marijuana packaging or packing is a challenging task considering that the marijuana industry is still nascent.


However, with the recent innovation of different cannabis packaging manufacturers and the prowess of combined manufacturing, choosing the best marijuana packaging machines or packing machines that are affordable, efficient, reliable, and time-saving is an easy task. Depending on your production line’s specific requirements, finding the right solution for your packaging system can be straightforward.


With the many challenges in packaging various cannabis products including reliable filling and sealing processes, there is a need in finding a good cannabis packaging machine manufacturer that is also compatible with your cannabis containers.


Dura-pack is a leading cannabis packaging supplier of a wide variety of customizable can packaging solutions for cannabis flowers, concentrate packaging, edibles and weed packaging. We both have auto and semi-auto cannabis packaging equipment that will help your cannabis packaging truly reflect your brand and outshine your competitors in the market.


Types of Marijuana Packaging Equipment Dura-pack Offers

To help your business deal with the modern challenges of cannabis packaging, Dura-pack gives you customizable marijuana packaging solutions to streamline your production line and to better promote your brand in the tight market.

We also provide consultation services before the design and actual manufacture of your desired cannabis packaging equipment to better tailor the machine to your business’ production requirements. You are always welcome to contact us to know your customization options.


Distinguishing Business Requirements

Identification of a business’s needs is the first and foremost task. What sort of cannabis packaging should be utilized, how much is needed for a month, what should it weigh? By understanding the packaging’s capacity, the dimensions, and how cost-effective it can be, chances are, things will be positive. By knowing the answers to these crucial questions, many facets of operations can be streamlined. It is also elemental to consider package weight estimates, ensuring that the customer receives satisfactory and standard weights. Try keeping a few weight categories so that it’s easier to manage and handle. Small amounts are simple enough to be dealt with in a straight manner method. The heavyweights that are problematic and cannabis packaging meant for those weights can be extremely expensive and a total waste of money, not a smart investment.

Cannabis Packaging Equipment and Package Designs

Many products throughout North America have been transitioning to pouches and bags because they are easily accessible and resealable for consumers. As the legalization of cannabis continues to gain footing, these style pouches will likely grow in use within the cannabis packaging industry. However, getting the products into the pouches is merely the first step in its packaging journey. Taking those pouches, and packing them efficiently into secondary packages and shipping cases is just as critical for efficient distribution. So where do you turn to automate that end-of-line packing process?

Marijuana Packaging Equipment For Pouches and Bags

Dura-pack has been in the pouch packaging business for years in industries including candy, dairy, and more. We have perfected our machinery to be adaptable for a combination of products. We offer a variety of different solutions for handling various pouch and bag sizes, weights, and speeds. This flexibility ensures that facilities won’t be forced to buy new equipment every time package types are altered.




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